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Fishing Boat




Stripers 247
Which Boat Is For You?

Rockfish, striper, linesider.
More than 300 pages dedicated to your favorite fish, the striped bass

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Which Boat Is For You?


Few things in life provide more family fun than a boat. With a boat, every weekend is a family vacation. However, with so many boats available to fit just about every recreational need and budget, choosing and buying the right boat can be a bit intimidating without some basic planning.

To simplify the process, start with a family discussion about how you'll use your boat. Will fishing be the primary purpose, or are your plans more “multipurpose,” involving skiing, cruising and extended trips where you'll spend nights on your boat?

Also, where do you plan to do most of your boating – on a lake, river or larger body of water such as a major reservoir, the Great Lakes or the open ocean? Will you boat at one or a variety of water destinations?

Naturally, you need to look at your budget. How much do you plan to spend? In assessing costs, also factor in operating expenses, such as fuel and required maintenance, as well as dry-stack storage or slip fees if you dock in the water at a marina during the season.

If it starts to look a bit pricey, don't fret. As mentioned earlier, there's a boat – new or used – to fit every need and budget. For example, if a new fiberglass fishing boat is a bit out of your price range, look at an aluminum boat. Often they're almost indistinguishable from fiberglass models thanks to vast improvements in aluminum boat fit-and-finish.

Keep in mind that boats can be financed for extended terms of 15, even 20 years, which helps reduce the monthly payment. And, the interest on a boat loan may be tax deductible if the boat qualifies as a second home. All it needs is a head (bathroom), galley (kitchen) and sleeping amenities.

The next step is to visit a local dealer. Or, go to a boat show where it's easy to compare makes and models. Discover Boating Centers at boat shows are safe harbors to get unbiased advice from experts. Staffed by boating enthusiasts, they'll help you find the best boat for your family, lifestyle and budget.

Visit www.WaterWorksWonders.org for valuable information on where to boat in your area as well as tips on how to buy a boat, trailering, boating safety, and more. The site also includes boat show and boat dealer listings. There's even a “loan calculator” to assist in planning your boat-buying budget.

Boating Facts and Figures

Recreational boating is one of the most popular forms of family recreation. Just consider:

•  More than 72 million Americans participated in recreational boating in 2002 —that's roughly equivalent to the population of California, Texas and New York combined

•  More than 17 million recreational boats are owned in U.S.—the highest number since the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) started keeping records

•  That's more than 1,000,000 boats more than just 5 years ago

•  Participation in boating was up 11.25 percent in 2002, according to a National Sporting Goods Association survey

•  $30 billion was spent on boats and accessories in 2002—up 6.25 percent over 2001

•  Nearly two-thirds of boat owners said owning a boat has brought their family closer (survey by Impulse Research Corporation)

•  Approximately 845,000 new boats were sold in 2002

•  About half of all boat owners were introduced to boating by their parents

•  Another one-third of boat owners began boating with friends or a friend's family

•  Most boat owners started boating at 12 to 14 years of age

•  96 percent of all new boats registered are less than 26 feet long

•  Average boat loan is $15,127 on boats under $25,000

•  Boats are more affordable than you think: a $25,000 loan today costs only $218 per month on a 15-year term

Source: National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA)

Boater's Checklist

Before heading out on the water, make a checklist of everything you'll need to ensure a successful trip. To help get you started, here are some items to include:

•Personal flotation devices (PFDs) for everyone

• Anchor and line


• Boat key(s)

• Fishing equipment

• Cell phone

• Boat fire extinguisher (on board and charged)

• Water skis and tow ropes

• Spare tire (check inflation)

• Current boat registration

• Fishing licenses (for those needing one)

• Trailer lights work

• Boat's cranking battery charged

• Trolling motor batteries charged

• Bucket or bailing aid

• Visual inspection of boat, prop and trailer

• Sufficient clothing (change of clothes, rainsuits, jackets, etc.)

• Whistle, horn (or other approved audible signal device)

• Trip information and plans left with family and/or friends

info courtesy of waterworkswonders.org


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