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What is the meaning by autonomy?
Being self-governing.:
The quality or state of being self-governing.
Especially: The right of self-government.
The territory was granted autonomy.:

Self-directing freedom and especially moral independence.


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He lives next door. Can you give me a oil change?

All I do is hand out money.
I’m responsible for the San Diego community
with my fishing rods.

The red rags are for the bathroom

The green rags are for the lobby.
The blue rags are for the offices.

The chef is different than the housekeeper.
You have to tip both.

Can I have my lawyer do a background check
on the employees?
If I book 6 months in advance as suggested
for a 2 week run to Socorro and if there’s a
drastic change from one
employee to another
do I get refunded?

I’m on the boat with a dirt bomb.


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Can I have a Gatorade?

Dasani Water
Ingredients: Purified Water, Magnesium Sulfate,
Potassium Chloride, Salt. Salt Adds A Negligible
Amount Of Sodium. Minerals Added For Taste.


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The deck is all stained. I didn’t leave your boat like this.
I know for sure you didn’t do it. What’s going on?

The guys over here and he gives boating safety courses.
I have to approach this carefully. What a nice place.
He has locks and cameras all over the place.
I know I’m not the problem.


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This is an excellent channel. Part 1 of 4.

Rail fishing is east coast fishing.

They have a long but section. It fits nice under your arm while
you’re riding the rail. You have to learn how to work the rail before
you get in the belt and harness. Multiple hook ups and the fish
sees the boat as the rod is pumping up and down. The fish
gets a sudden burst and dives. In and out of the harness. Back
off the drag. Clear the fish. Bump into strike. It’s up and down
doing circles. The death roll. Bump drag into full. In the belt
and harness. Hand putting pressure on the spool.


WIND ON GUIDES RAIL RODS https://super-seeker

Sic vs Alconite

754793003716SS 6463XXXXH-6 1/4' AR / WO6'3"80-150
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