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So I've been buying and ordering ALOT of lures and equipt. since the end of last Striper season, about $3000 worth.
So my journey on the web took me to J and H Tackle out of Oakdale , NY.
I ordered $150 worth of product. First of all let me tell you , the reason I order anything from a company is because they have it in Stock.
This company Said it was in stock (it wasn't) so I waited...
for 7 days. I finally get a call from them "Asking me" if it was OK to send a smaller size lure instead of the size I ordered, I said fine as long as it speeds my order up(two actually) placed 1 day apart, which tells me that they didn't have it in stock, had to order it them selves then ship it.
Its been eleven days now from a store approx. 120miles away, I"ve ordered from Britain and gotten my orders in less time.
My friend has Also done some online And direct Phone business with this company and has had the Same problems during the Same period I am in Now.
If you DONT need it right away or within the week I would STAY AWAY from J and H Tackle.
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