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Haha, that rhymes.

So yesterday I was at my lakehouse wit my dad. We are currently renting it out to my parent?s friends while they build their house, but we go up on the weekends.

So I'm fishing for a little bit from shore with my main rod/reel setup, Daiwa 2500c w/ 6 1/2 foot Roddy Gator Tail (basically an ugly stick)

Well I got the reel brand new about 2 years earlier for free (NAFC). Good little reel, but the reverse was pissing me off, it would be on the anti-reverse switch and go randomly in reverse... backlash like a biznatch.

So I decide to take things into my own hands and take it apart to try to fix it.
Well I got all but 1 screw on the outside off. So I figured I'd use it for the day and see what happens. SO I put it back together.

We go out on our boat to "the cove" as we call. It?s a small cove in a no wake zone, with about 2 houses on it, so it?s nice and quiet and full of big fish.

Well my dads trolling a worm and within 30 seconds he hooks into something. after a 5 minutes fight he brings it in, a 24 inch Pikeral (just a little above average size for this lake, hahah). A minute later he catches another. A little smaller, maybe 22 inches. That was all he got. I hooked into some huge sunnies (sunnies on this lake get like up to 1 1/2 pounds, no joke). That was all. My reel kept coming apart though. So I was like screw it.

This morning we went to the tackle shop and I bought a new spinning reel, (Okuma Avenger 30) its reeaaaallly nice, only 29.99 and works great, casts out reeeeeeaaaaalll nice. Decided to try my luck at some Senkos, so I bought some. Green pumpkin (Mike's fav) and white (well not white, could only find blue pearl, looked good enough to me). Got home, rigged up my new reel with the pole, put on an offset hook; put on a Green Pumpkin Senko. Well, 3rd cast, doing just what you guys said, I was reeling it in slowly, and let it sit. After about 30 seconds of sitting I started reeling and it felt like there was a log or a stick or I was caught in weeds. So I jerked, hoping to free it, when the line started moving parallel to shore. SO I set the hook. Bring it in, a nice 2-pound largemouth.

Had no luck with the white-ish ones.

I'm hooked on Green Pumpkin Senkos now...
Good stuff, a bit pricey, 5.75 for 10.

There really are no obvious weedbeds on my lake, which is too bad.

But there is a lake we pass on the way there that is full of lily pads, right along the shore. Hoping to try the Senkos there.

I'm gonna buy some Yum Dingers too.

Thanks for all the help guys, especially Mike and BB. I appreciate it!

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I'm gonna have to give that color a try. Wish I had a lakehouse! :wall: :wtg:

Kev Yum baits have the same Green Pumpkin color with different colored Flakes and are half the price of the almighty Senkos.
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