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I came across a few garage sales and picked up a total of 3 interesting surf rods, all of which are in need of a good overhaul. I striped one down to just the bare blank but I'm not certain which blank it is since there wasn't any label.
Color: Honey
Overall length: 135-1/4"
Weight: 14.3oz
Butt dia: 1.060"-1.071" (taken at different points)
Tip: 3/16"
My Guess: Lamiglas SB 136 3M????
Any idea which brand & model blank this might be and what's the best use?

I didn't bother stripping the other two since they are usable.
One of these is:
Color: honey
Label: a portion of the label remaining. I see "Model" and beneath "1206"
(I'm not certain of the 1, it's not 100% there but it's definitely
followed by 206).
Overall length: 9'
Butt diameter: 1"
Tip: less than 1/8"
My Guess: Fenwick 1206 cut 12" down from butt end
Anyone familiar with what this might might be?

Last is:
Color: Brown (opaque)
Overall length:135-1'2"
Label: none visible
Butt dia.: 3/4"
Tip: slightly less than 3/16"
This blank is the slowest. It seems to have a nice parabolic bend. I assume it might be a nice rod for pencil popping.
My Guess: a Fenglass
Anyone familiar with what this might might be?

I plan to build the 1st blank over the winter since it's already stripped down. I'm not sure if I should use it only for chunking or use with plugs.
I might overhaul the other two but I'm not sure if it's worth it. I'd be more ambitious if I knew more about the blanks.
Any suggestions?
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