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soft baits

Storm wildeye/ when herring are the bait
striper magnets/when squid and sand eels are the bait
black sluggos/ when eels are the bait

hard baits

Zara spooks/ top water bait
Black bomber/ subsurface bait
Man's countdown/ deep water swimmer

whats your pleasure

just killen time while I look outside and all I see is snnnnnoooooowwww:dizzy:icon_santa.gif:dizzy:icon_santa.gif:dizzy:icon_santa.gif

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1. Storm Shads - Pearl Top color, you can always take a marker to it to add chartreuse, black, red etc...
2. Hogy's - Various Sizes, great bait to Have
3. Bass Kandy Delights - Another Great Bait...
4. Berkley Gulp and Alive Soft Baits - In the Spring on my Charters we use the Sandworms on a float rig, Jerk shads anytime and Swimming mullet.

As for Hard Baits my favorites are;
1. Yo-Zuri Surface Cruisers and their Hydro Pencil
2. Super Strike - Darters - Yellow, Black and White
3. For Trolling - Secret Spoons and Manns Stretch Series
4. Bucktail

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Soft baits
1. Plastic shad (storm,tsunami,Panther Martin or just a plastic shad on a lead head, the fish don't seem to care)
2. plastic jerkbaits (finess, bassassasin, bass kandy delights,)
3. twister tails
1.poppers (smack-its, chugbugs, skitterpop)
2. Rattletrap
3.Rebel broken back minnow

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Storm wildeye
flemee eels

pencil popper
metal lip swimmer
plastic swimmer
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