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The Fights!

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The PR doesn’t mind his business, never asks questions and gets a couple of slugs in him.

The Italian guy dates the Irish girl. He doesn’t know about the flip side relatives.
You dont Know if they’re catholic or Protestant. Then he puts a beanie on his
head and lies to your face. The zip now got himself into something unexpected.

Atlas Terminal - It’s blanket boy.

They come to me.

Spanky needs to get hit over his head.
The sweat shops were started during war time
to account for the uniforms. I was drafted.

The zips from Brooklyn left behind the butcher,
the baker, the candlestick maker to the new
immigrants in Queens. If the new zips slip.
Brooklyn shows up And then there’s.

I put in a lot of hard work in training my bitches.

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I caught a perp an put him in the ICU.
I was sued for over a million dollars.
Over a year has passed and it happened again.
I was sued for over a million dollars.
What do you do for a living?

Now you can’t afford to live there anymore.
121 - 125 of 125 Posts