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The Fights!

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You got me on this one.

Theres a very big age gap.
Torrez was bullied in the amateurs.
That mother lover tried to kill me.
Organized Crime
The Police

The owner of the mill hollers at the minimum wage employee.
The employee now goes across the street and cops a bag of herb.
This DR shows up ten minutes later and is standing on the corner
waiting for the PR to leave the body shop. The PR’s weed got in the
wrong hands and a infant accidentally consumed some. It got back
to the capt. at the precinct. Now the capt. is gone completely pyscho.
The DR is a hit man for the precinct. It’s a stand off for 18 hours before
the DR decides to leave. This continues day in, day out. The PR’s wife
brings him food. I have to walk by everyday, twice a day to get to the
corner store. Eventually the PR gets a couple of caps in him. The DR
walks like it never happened. Sometimes the PR lives.

Sometimes he DOESN’T! 😉

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Before the cafe it was a small meineke. EJ worked there.
His woman lived across the street from Dask on 66 st.
The older sister married who?
High stakes cash poker like you never imagined.
4 man 2 and pot. Who’s in? You in? I check. No checks here. CASH!! I’m in!
Asps mother lived upstairs from the cafe.
When they told me. The only answer I give.What took so long!

Remember suck-it and maguilla gorilla and then who owned the pool hall in Glendale?
The 11th alley. This ch!t is stupid! 😉👍
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I call the escort service and it’s the captains daughter
from the precinct shows up. She uses the bathroom
and you can hear her tootin’ it. She gets out and I give
her a ride that she’s never going to forget. Then I threw
the b!ch right out. It was some of the best money I ever spent.

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I work nights. I’m off Sundays and Mondays. I’m on probation.

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Ya know Golan?
Golan! Like Golan Heights.
I’m from Azerbaijan!
WTF is going here? 🫤

Wut uh effen deek!

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Lets go out for a steak.
There‘s this place on the water.
You’re definitely going to like it.

Here are your options. If we take you we have to cuff you.
Or you can call an ambulance.
I’m not interested in a free ride. I never been cuffed with my hands
behind my back while walking down the stairs.
Can I leave I have to go to work.
Yes you’re being released.

I graduated from Molloy High school.

I have lawyers and doctors. They’re all specialists.
Make sure there’s very little under his name.
He’s looking to put a cap in someone.
she’s divorced, then it’s a boyfriend, now it’s the mail order groom.
When there’s a problem -

Who’s the problem? I’m the problem.

my shoulders hurt
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He’s on the pier walking around with a beach towel
folded under his arm. He walks up to you. Unfolds
the towel and shows you a hand gun. Then he says.
“Ya wanna buy it”

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I have these words etched in the back of my mind.
Don’t fall on bad habits.
Left foot forward.

Day one perfected.

The man with the master plan is in town, he’s here.

What made you charter out of Islamorada?

There‘s no chinx their!

Go get your pina colada’s and good books
and go sit your punk azzes down.

Have you ever seen who the top gamblers are in Vegas?
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I will not be commenting on this fight.
For the reason that I’m a big Loma fan.
It will just be to one sided.

As for the Cassius Clays grandson fight. I‘ll put in my .02c.
He’s not quite where he should be in this stage of the sport.
One thing I did notice. He showed excellent sportsmanship.
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