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Byrd throws flurries like it’s nobody’s business.

They put on a show that’s never seen before.


Holyfield entered the pros as a cruiserweight.

August 18, 2015 at 9:39 a.m. Chris Henry, a professional boxer raised in Orange who was a 2009 light heavyweight world title contender, was shot and killed Saturday night in a convenience store parking lot in Southwest Houston.

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You won but you’re not even close to being done.
It’s a backwards hack. You have to let it unwind.

I listen to my instructions and learn quick.
What were my intentions when I left?
Were they good or bad?
He looked the other way.
He walked away.
A ringer showed up that was over 30 pounds heavier. DAM!
I caught a proper whipping. On occasion after a big event
the ringer would show up and put everyone in there place.
Then there was those words that are stuck in my head.

Don’t fall on bad habits. 🥊

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I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.

The rope-a-dope is a boxing fighting technique
in which one contender leans against the ropes
of the boxing ring and draws non-injuring offensive
punches, letting the opponent tire himself out.
This gives the former the opportunity to then execute devastating offensive punches to help them win.


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Listen to the loud pop on the mits.
Watch the time it takes him to process when the mit is shown.
Listen to the one two punch and the three punch combos.
Everything is done in fractions of a second.
Since the video his endurance and stamina is better.
The coach moves the mits to throw his concentration off.
He stays focus and falls back in with the timing.
He‘s setting the pace. He’s focused and looks sharp! 😎😉👍


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I have Plant to win this one.
Benevidez has a bit more speed and plant has that
reach respect which gives him enough time to put
his guard where it should be. Plant has very good lateral
movement and drops his hands heavier than Benevidez.
As long as Plant doesn’t make any crucial mistakes.
Plant should get the W-win.

For what ever it’s worth. My .2c


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Poppy no me gusta to much the corona.
Sometimes it gives me a head ache.
Thats why I drink modello.
It has a rich, crisp and fresh taste.
Similar to a . . . . Patsy Peroni

The cocolito he likes basketball. Not so much ping pong.

How did you become a coach?
I worked under . . . in a packeg gym. There was help needed
and he found it beneficial under certain circumstances to help
train contenders. Eye level, wide stance.
I’m just some kid that showed up after school when the recreation
Center opened. I help set up and put away the equipment. I found
it to be very important to keep my self off the streets.
The slip rope, heavy bag, speed bag.
Bean bag that swings at you eye level.
It swings from behind while looking in the mirror.
I’m 132 he’s 129. I experimented with 129 and 135.
My natural training weight was comfortable at 132.
I went from 5’7” to 5’9”.
What did I weigh when I walked in from off the streets?
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