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Hi Guys,
It's Moogie.
I just got back from a killer fishing trip in La Paz, Mexico which is about 90 miles north of Cabo.
Eight of us from the Boston area went on down to beat up on Bonito, Roosters and Pargo (Mullet Snapper).
Needless to say, the fish gods were looking favorably upon me.
The pics tell the tale.
I was using 6 pound and 10 pound test for the Bonito and Roosters, and an Avet JX6.0:1 with 40 pound test Trilene Big Game with a 50 pound test Ande fluoro leader. The rod was a 5'2" custom made Sabre from 1986.
The Pargo are brutes. They're very line shy, have teeth, won't go near wire or Braid, and they're smart, fast, powerfull and will bust you up.
Enjoy the pics. . .


1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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