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Im thinking about buying a set up for strictly surf fishing i want something that cast a mile and is not to heavy to fish all day. I M THINKING ABOUT A PENN 560 SERIES/, 7.5 UGLY STIC MH, 17 -20 LB MONO what do you think?

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For surf casting, I would not want a rod any less than 10 feet,, I prefer 11' personally. I've not owned a Penn Slammer 560, but given the specs, I would spool it about 20 yards of 20lb mono, then top it off with 20 or 30lb Fireline 'braid' to within 1/8" of the lip, and finish it off with a Flourocarbon leader.

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undapar said:
i want something that casts a mile
Bigger stick and larger capacity reel with braided line.

The 560 is the spinning reel so im assuming you want spinning. The ugly stick will serve you OK but isnt the greatest in terms of feel. They are more spongy and better served for deadsticking bait or boat fishing.

10 - 11 foot tsunami - daiwa or tica are the budget rods. like jake said and you need a reel that will hold 300 yards of mono.
A reel that weighs around 24 ounces is right for a 10 or 11 footer.

You want something lightweight for plugging or a heaver for getting past a distant sandbar?
The lightweight heavers are quality and expensive.
Check the stickies in the rod forum and see the different manufacturers and styles and prices.

A tica 11 foot dolphin rod casts well and wont kill your budget. ~ 100 bucks but at that price you can also get a st croix triumph rod or a lamiglas surf king

Cheaper one but better than the shakespeare IMHO is the tsunami trophy surf rod made by bimini bay outfitters at 50 to 100
It comes down to what you want to spend.
These are the better bet for surf rods and working the jetties.
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