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I want to pass this on to all of you who absolutely love striper fishing. If you can figure out 24/7 then yo are smart enough to go sign up to help lobby for the Striper. Thanks.
Today we are asking every current member of Stripers Forever to take a quick, easy and very important step to help wild striped bass. You will not have to leave your computer and the total time involved will not be more than a minute or two. Do it right now before the fishing heats up and you forget...please!
Other Stripers Forever member/volunteers have already created the e-mail below. We ask you to forward this e-mail to your fishing friends so we can sign up as many new members as possible. Membership in Stripers Forever is free. The organization sends out a lot of important information and every member helps to shape the future of the striped bass.
"I sent this to a number of my fishing buddies - it was easy - and seven of them have already told me they signed up to help the stripers. It works! Thank you Stripers Forever.".....Dean Clark, MA
Here's all you have to do: cut and paste the message below, or just forward this e-mail if you are unfamiliar with cutting and pasting. Then send the message to as many of your fishing friends as you can. If each of us got just one new member, Stripers Forever would double in size overnight!
Commercial fishing for wild striped bass has already been stopped in seven coastal States and all Federal waters! The more members we have the better are our chances to end it in the eight remaining States that still allow it.

"Dear Striped Bass Fisherman/conservationist,
Our favorite fish is under more pressure than ever, and Stripers Forever, a free membership, internet-based, conversation organization, is fighting to end all commercial fishing for the wild striped bass . Wild stripers should be managed for personal consumption/recreational fishing only. We need as many members as possible to show the politicians how many recreational people care about the stripers and their environment. With legislation either introduced or about to be, in several North East States we need as many folks on board as possible. Please help out now... its' FREE !
If you haven't signed up yet as a member of Stripers Forever, here are a few things you should know:
1) Membership is free - no dues
2) There are no meetings to attend
3) Everything is done via the internet and e-mail
4) Many of the top fisherman in the country support Stripers Forever
5) Stripers Forever's only goal is to make striped bass a game fish, which means it would be managed for the benefit of the recreational fishing public, now and in future generations.
Here is all that you have to do -- it will take less than a minute and cost nothing:
2) Select "Become A Member"
3) Take about 30 seconds to fill out the very easy to follow sign-up sheet.
This is a critical time for striped bass. Thank you for helping Stripers Forever successfully advocate to protect the wild striper by "Making It A Game Fish."
Brad Burns, President, Stripers Forever and the National Membership Development Committee"
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