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Hi guys - I got a tale to tell here...

(thanks to admin for gettin' me registered here too)

I got this one 2 weeks ago, Wilson NC, Wiggin's Mill Dam, Contentnea Creek; tributary of Neuse River (does it look like a hybrid??? )

Me and a buddy were after Crappie (med-light tackle). He took the minnow, and WENT. And WENT AND WENT. Hooked about 30 feet away (map of sorts below), and it was ON. Stripped off 40 yards of line, 8 LB TEST - drag was SINGING SOUND OF MUSIC. He went for the deep water. Line high in the air, and he went AROUND A TREE, LINE 4 FEET UP, AFTER 15 MINUTES - no way to bring him in. Buddy went downstream, hooked the line OTHER SIDE of the tree, with a bobber, I fed him line, and he brought it in to another guy with a dipnet.

Standing at 'A' (rock extreme right first pic, upstream)
Hooked at 'B' - went for channel 12' water,
DOWNSTREAM to the bridge, line still high in the air, AROUND a small tree, about 'C'
Floating, played out, about 'D'
Buddy went to 'E', threw his BOBBER over my line, still taught, a few feet in the air, between 'C / D', worked him in, netted by another guy with a dipnet.

If we'd gotten video, it would've been viral forEVER (or jinxed it)...
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