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Things are out of hand now but in a way that makes me want a salt water license.

The areas I've been fishing all my life have become so over run with illegal types with absolutely no regard for the fish and game laws or for the environment that we can't even fish our spots anymore. Two guys will cover the the end of a jetty or area of the bayshore with 15 white rods and leave every bit of trash behind.

You don't see this in freshwater where a license is required, you don't see this on Sandy Hook after dark where a permit is required.

I vote yes for a salt water license.
I pretty much agree with you here.....but I still don't think it'll make that big of a difference......I've seen illegals walk away with Stripers measuring about 15" long- which is ridiculous!....and when I called the green police they never even came!(At least not until I was gone) If they can't enforce people taking undersized stripers then how are they gonna enforce people fishing without licenses? Unless they (Environmental Police) step up their game the law will be a joke.
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