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I am a beginner fisherman and am going Striper fishing from a boat this week (5-20-09). I have a lot to learn but want to ask a few questions to give me the best chance for my upcoming trip:

1) Tides - I have been told to fish when the tides are moving (top of the high and bottom of the low). Is it true that the best time is about 1 hour after the peak of high and bottom of low?

2) Location - I plan on going to a shoal where the water depth quickly goes from 20 feet to 6 feet and the water breaks at the top. Is this location good for all tides or just certain tides, etc.?

3) In this type of location, is it best to fish poppers on the top or some other bait on the bottom? Any recommendations on squids, eels, etc. is appreciated and how to rig them.

4) Does it matter if the tide is coming in vs. going out when determining the type of bait / lure to use?

5) Should I cast in the same direction as the tide or against it so the lure will appear to be moving the same direction as the tide as I reel it toward the boat?

6) When reeling in the lure, is there a specific technique that works best (I usually reel slowly and then give infrequent pulls on the pole to create a jerky motion)

7) Should I pick an area to fish and go with it or should I drive around looking for bait fish (and how would one do this)?

Appreciate the thoughts - sorry for so many questions
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