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by Bob Banfelder


My first fly-tying kit came with a sixty-four page booklet titled Practical Flies and Their Construction, written by Lacey E. Gee and Erwin D. Sias, illustrated by John Goettsch (revised edition), copyright 1966. Generally, I tell folks to shy away from purchasing bargain-priced fly-tying kits. The vise that generally comes with such a kit is usually no bargain; this was true of my original purchase made many moons ago. However, in retrospect, that little booklet alone was worth the price of the kit. One particular fly recipe instructed readers on how to tie The Gimp, a deadly freshwater fly for trout.

Insect Arthropod Wood Pest Parasite

Gimp Flies on #16 Hook

I had used that fly successfully for many years on Long Island, fishing the Nissequogue River, Connetquot River, and the Carmans River — nailing brook, rainbow, and brown trout. Also, I played around with the Gimp in ponds and lakes for bluegills and perch. Later in life, I plied the waters of upstate New York and Canada, too. The Gimp is one of my freshwater favorites, rarely having failed me. The fly was Lacey Gee's creation, the story and pattern initially published in an Outdoor Life magazine (November 1950) article titled They Go for the Gimp, written by Erwin Sias. Interestingly, practically 70 years later, a good many fly-fishing folks never heard of the fly, while others remember it vaguely. The Gimp is a lethal freshwater fly—a fly that comes along once in a great while.

The magic of this nymph fly is its perfect dun color feathers simulating many an insect. They are the after-shaft feathers taken in back of and at the base of the Lady Amherst Pheasant tippet feather.

Vertebrate Fishing lure Fishing bait Insect Tail

The Gimp Fly on a 2/0 hook for saltwater application

The Gimp Fly Recipe


Hook: Mustad-Viking 94838 #8 (turned-down eye)
Thread: Danville's Flat-Waxed Nylon - black
Body: Single strand of blue-gray or brown-gray (dun-colored) wool
Tail: Several dun-colored hen hackle fibers (toothpick thin)
Wings: Two (2) dun-colored Lady Amherst pheasant ‘gimp' feathers [found behind, parallel to, just at the base of the larger white/ black-rimmed tippet feather].
Collar: One (1) dun-colored hen hackle
Epoxy: Five-minute two-part plastic resin epoxy


1. Atop the bend of the hook, tie in several hen hackle fibers to form the tail.

2. Tie in the single strand of dun-colored wool and form a cigar-shaped body, leaving ? inch behind the eye of the hook.

3. For the wings, place and tie in the two gimp feathers, one atop the other, at the head of the tapered body.
a) Elevate the wings and wrap the thread twice or thrice directly behind the feathers to lock them in a partially raised position.

4. Tie in the dun-colored hen hackle collar, winding it twice around the shank, directly in front of the gimp feather.

5. Trim and whip-finish to the eye of the hook to form the head.

6. Brushing back the hackle with the tips of your fingers and holding the fibers out of harm's way, apply the head cement. Allow the thread to absorb the chemical.

For those of you who do not tie your own flies, this fly is available in various hook sizes from me on eBay.

Bob Banfelder

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