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Seems someone moved through Scituate Harbor on Friday and the North river on Sat. They got 4 bass set-ups + a sabiki rod from me and 5 bass set-ups from my budy 1 day a part. They hit other boats to. I know that happens often this time of year, so I don't generally leave good stuff on the boat, but I came home in the rain and figured they would be ok overnight since we were heading out @ 5AM.

As much as I'd like my gear back, I'd be almost as happy to just find these scumbags, so I'm keeping an eye on CL, Ebay, and other spots, but since I know this crowd will take it personally if anyone hears about some oddly good deals on lightly used bass gear I'd love to know about it... and Free day of Tuna fishing for any info which pans out.

1. 6'6" St. Croix Tidemaster TIC66: 10-20 moderate action with a Shimano BaitRunner 6000D
2. Falcon 8' 12-17 with a Shimano Spheros 8000
3. A junk Outshore outfitters green/black rod with a Shimano 4500 Bait Runner
4. 7' St. Croix 10-20 fast action torunament rod, with all Stainless guides + a POS okuma reel (almost happy to be rid of that set up, I hated it... but the rod alone was $320)
5. Black Sabiki Rod with a Cheap as S**t blueish grey star drag reel

... well, guess I'll take up residence on the SW corner since heavy is the only gear i have left, lol.

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If you haven't filed a police report then listen to me;


It's what I tell everybody who gets ripped off, and sure enough two weeks later they find the culprit. Some bored cop who just looked at your complaint on his way to get coffee sees a guy with a bunch of fishing rods, gets curious, brings up the report on the scanner . . . etc.

Most people are skeptical, but I'm telling you it can't hurt.

Good luck. That's really unfortunate.

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Geez, I'd never leave gear like that around. Man, I'll definitely keep an eye out, I know how much those Croix's and Shimano's run, I have quite a few myself. I think I would @#$% myself, then hide in a dark corner for a very long period of time.
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