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Yes, you read the header right!! It's Saturday and I am at the computer instead of offshore terrorizing the fish.

No, today's charter had complications beyond our/their control and couldn't make it. 1st Mate Landon and I discussed the possibilities of heading offshore and doing a commercial trip since the King Mackeral were biting fairly well, but, we were both tired from yesterday's trip and I couldn't stop thinking about how far behind I am on answering my e-mails so he went home to rest and I will rest after I get all these e-mails answered and get the fishing reports sent to all the Magazines, News papers, and fishing sites that depend on me each week!!

Speaking of yesterday's trip, Landon and I were honored to have with us a fine group of fishermen from the Lumberton, NC area. They were comprised of Carless Lee, Clifton Fulmore, William Satler, Andray Jones, Robin Johnson, and Jimmy Crumpler. A fine group of gentlemen and fishermen!!!!

Our quarry today was to be bottom fish and lite lining for King Mackeral. The current was "screaming" but the fish were there and biting. Problem was, too many species were biting. You get anchored up and start catching nice, big, bottom fish, then here comes the party crashers, the Atlantic Sharpnose Sharks.

Now don't get me wrong, the sharpnose is not a bad eating fish, but, with a one fish limit, six drops and you were limited out. And as for the lite line, they got so aggravating we just pulled it in!!

The fish are biting, but, you have to keep moving away from the sharks, cause when they move in, the bottom fishing is over!!! Also, we don't know exactly how to explain this, but, we only had three(3) guys fishing, the other three on the Starboard side of the boat decided to lay down and take a nap or something like that. Now, I am at the age where my memory is not as good as it was, so, I'll let them tell you about the benefits of taking a mid day nap on a fishing trip offshore!!!! Oh, yeah, I did hear one say something about never eating "pig skins" before you go fishing, that must keep you awake or something???

I had run to the SE of the tower to a wreck in 110 feet of water, hoping to find less current and less sharks. We did find less sharks, but the current was worse but due to the fact that you could get your baits to the bottom before being attacked by the sharks, we were catching some decent bottom fish here!!

Well, it was getting late in the day and the guys had wanted to try to get some King Mackeral, but due to the "shark frenzy" we didn't have any.

About this time Manning Outen, a fellow fisherman that I invited to anchor up behind me this past winter to get some black bass returned the favor!! He called and said he had the Kings going and with NO SHARKS!!!! Now, we had one fish box full of bottom fish and were only about 12 miles from Manning. Upon asking if they would like to finish out the day trying for the Kings where Manning had so graciously invited us to join him, well, in short order we were up and running. Thanks Manning, you are a true sportsman,and you were asking me where the fish were, I think maybe I need to be asking you!!! Thanks again my friend, you "saved the day" for me!!

Upon arriving, Manning was making a circle so we stayed well clear as not to interfere with his fishing and we dropped the baits in. I was marking plenty of bait but was having no takers so after a little bit I suggested we change our strategy. That change in our game plan netted us with 18 King Mackeral, all six guys got their limit of three each.

Another great day, some more GREAT people, but hey, I have come to realize that all fisherpeople are just Great people, but I like to think that the ones that fish with us on the "YEAH RIGHT" are the GREATEST OF ALL!!!! Till next time, FISH ON!!! Capt Butch, 1st mate Landon, and of course, "Private Bodie" the fish dog says, man, these guys wore me out yesterday, there were King Mackeral flying everywhere, I didn't know which one to jump on!!!
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