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With a tropical storm brewing on the offshore grounds our offshore trip was cancelled for today.

I was already planning what I was going to do with the day off Saturday when Bob Mace called to do a 1/2 day Spanish Mackeral trip.

Bob and I have tried to get out before to the Gulfstream but was blown out by bad weather every time.

This time with the winds coming from the NNE, a 1/2 day would work for us because the beach would be calm.

I met up with Bob and Lisa Mace who own MACE ELECTRICAL SERVICE and with them were Joe Zlato, John Smith, and Garry Stamey all from Charlotte,NC.

The Spanish Mackeral started off slow and progressed as the day went on.

I located them about 15 feet of water just west of Yaupon Pier and they were biting best on the gold 00 Clark Spoons on #1 planers.

An occasional fish would come on the 11/2 ounce trolling weight.

We were having a lot of double hook up's on the planers, with some triples thrown in as well.

After 1st Mate Barbara landed a few and the guys seen how it was done, they took over and were putting the Spanish Mackeral in the boat.

We caught a lot of fish, and as in Spanish fishing some of the time they were too short and had to be thrown back for another day, but they were still fun to catch!!

Around 11:00AM the sun was high and the winds shifted to the East, and as the East winds does down here, it shut the bite off!!

We had plenty of fish to eat, had great conversation, and we all had fun catching the Spanish Mackeral, (the added bonus to a "fishing trip")

We wound up with 37 nice keepers, that's 74 fillets for future fish dinners.

The best part of the trip for me today again was the fine people I met today!!

There are still some mighty fine folks left in this world and I do believe that most of them like to fish!!

I do know that the people that fish with us are all some of the Greatest people in the world!!!

See pic's at

Till next time, FISH ON, Bob!! (he knows what I mean) Capt Butch, 1st Mate Barbara, and "Admiral Bodie" the fish dog says, Yeah, I dazzled everyone today with my charm and fish scaling ability!!
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