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Headed down to my spot in cape may friday morning. I fished from 2hrs before high tide through slack high until 2 hrs into the outgoing tide. The wind was blowing 25-30knts with 40knt gusts. I started out on the jetty, worked down the beach and back to the jetty. Not a bite. The water was real rough and cloudy so I didn't see much bait fish around but there were some speradic birds picking here and there. I had a few hits but didn't get any bass. I have still ben sticking with fresh surf clams bacause I can't find any herring or bunker around yet. I have heard that the herring have been showing up in some of the local river but I haven't been able to get any yet. I usually throw some bunker by now but the bunker boats haven't even been out yet so there is no bunker around either. So far I have been out 5 times in the last 2 weeks and this is the first trip with no fish. Still better then a day at work or sittin on the couch. Just wondering if anyone else in the area has been doing any good off the beaches or the jettys. I know they are tearin em up out in the rips. The guys have been limiting out within an hour or 2 and heading in. also heard the fish being caught in the rips are really nice size fish. Boy do I miss my boat. :D :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
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