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planning on taking the family camping at Sagadahoc Bay next weekend. We camped there several years ago and enjoyed digging clams, but didn't try any fishing. Saw some guys kayak fishing and I assume they were targeting stripers when the tide came in.

We won't have any kayak or watercraft; is shoreline casting a viable method here? My son is 12 and fairly adept at freshwater fishing but not experienced with saltwater setups

I looked up the tide chart and it looks like there is a 10-foot swing from low to high. I recall the bay completely emptying out when we went to dig clams.

Should we wait until the backside of high tide for the stripers to move in?

We have a standard freshwater setup; 6.5' medium heavy rod with 20-pound braid. Bloodworms have the highest odds, or should we try some artificial lures?
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