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Gooooooooooooooooooooooood fishing Costa Rica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here we are in the month of June, down at the Los Sueños Marina. Ran into Captain Walton and mate Christian. Lets see what's up so far….
6/4 Today David De La Garza is aboard Sunny One and docks after releasing 5 Sailfish and hooking up 3 Yellow Fin Tuna………..
6/5 Today we find Chris Gowen angling on Sunny One and returns after 2 Sailfish released and 3 Yellow Fin Tuna boarded………
6/8 Deborah Fitzpatrick up next ,steams out early and docks after releasing 1 Sailfish and 2 fine Yellow Fin Tuna.
That's a wrap for the first of June…we're starting to see a little rain coming on as we are beginning our rainy season - however the fishing is always good and when it does rain most times it will hold off until the afternoon - plus everything is lush and a beautiful green!!!!!!!!!!
Here are a few tips to make your fishing better:

  • remember no bananas on board ever
  • don't have your fishing belt strapped on until you are hooked up
  • don't uncap your camera lens until a fish is on
  • these are some sea protocol that may mean nothing but it is always good to follow these rules of Ocean fishing and keep the Gods happy
as always stay up on our Web for the best deals on Luxury condos and villas….And keep up with Sunny One action by going to
Until next time, keep your tip up………..Catch'em Up - Salty Dog
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