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I am a long time Spinning fisherman, mostly freshwater.

I just finihed a couple of years buying, restoring and fishing the Spinfisher 704 and 710.

I now find myself with a few fully retorded Penn 140 Squidders. I need some recommendations on rods.

My intent is to use there to replace my bait rods/reels at first. The tackle is the typical 20# test with fishfider rig. 2 to 3 ounce sinker and a chunk of bunker or porgie.

I fish from CT to Cape Cod, almost exclusively from shore. Distance casting would be nice, comparable or even better than my spinning rigs.

I would appreciate any recommendations, brand name would be great, but I really need to know class, action, weights, etc. Money is not my primary concern as my tackle is hodge podge of new, used, custom and ebay purchases.

I thank you in advance for you consderation.


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