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Reels. Shimano Vs Penn Which manufacturer do you prefer for reels?

REELS? PENN Vs Shimano

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Hey Guys,

Bought these two reels. The Shimano was roughly $160, while the Penn was $140. I was looking at how they compare online but there is only really the stats and stuff available and no real forum of actual fishermen comments are available.

I was wondering has anybody used these reels ? And, also, How does the PENN rate against the Shimano which is apparently better? ( I heard some bad stuff about the PENN real just after I bought it)

Ps The type of fishing I do is just from the rocks, using herring and Mack chunks, mostly into small inlets where i let the current take the bait until the line stops rippin off the reel.....then wait.


Editorial on the PENN 5600

East coast tackle Shimano stradic

Thanks :wtg:
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I own a penn spinfisher and I can't tell you how much damage I have inflicted upon this reel to no avail. I sw my fiance dunking it in salt water (the sea) after she stepped on it in the sand and she didn't want me to see it covered with sand. The thing worked like its brand new everytime

I also owna boca ( which is a cabo minus the holes) and its pretty good as well. I like the titanium bail specifically and I'm getting the PT series for my Lami 11'
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