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Reels. Shimano Vs Penn Which manufacturer do you prefer for reels?

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Hey Guys,

Bought these two reels. The Shimano was roughly $160, while the Penn was $140. I was looking at how they compare online but there is only really the stats and stuff available and no real forum of actual fishermen comments are available.

I was wondering has anybody used these reels ? And, also, How does the PENN rate against the Shimano which is apparently better? ( I heard some bad stuff about the PENN real just after I bought it)

Ps The type of fishing I do is just from the rocks, using herring and Mack chunks, mostly into small inlets where i let the current take the bait until the line stops rippin off the reel.....then wait.


Editorial on the PENN 5600

East coast tackle Shimano stradic

Thanks :wtg:
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