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Reels. Shimano Vs Penn Which manufacturer do you prefer for reels?

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My primaries are the ZB and the VS
For surfcasting the 704 - 06 cant be beat

The Cabo is a very nice reel too. My choice is the baitrunner more than the Cabo for bait fishing and the Cabo more than the baitrunner for plugs or slinging eels.
The Cabo is a quantum.
The other consideration for me with that reel - is the handle. I know its an improvement over the old one that had issues but it feels fat and a bit oversized for my liking.
I know this was an older post but thought I might chime in. I myself don't own and would not buy a VS. That's just me as for the money I think it should be better and more consistent from reel to reel. For the money I would rather have a Stella if I had to pick from the two, even though it's not completely waterproof. The ZB on the other hand is a fishing machine.

Back to the normal folks reels I like the Baitrunner series and I hope the new D series is as good as it looks and feels new. I tried one out at the store and it is very nice, hope to be slinging one this fall. I do agree though if throwing plugs all day the Cabo might be nicer on the arm and Quantum has greatly improved their reels over the years. The new Baitrunner D series is lighter than the older a and b series though when you compare equal models. It's pretty nice with 20 lbs of drag on the 6000, and those dartaniums should last.
For the money nothing beats the Z series on the beach, and just imagine it's a reel that was designed 50 or 60 yrs ago(704z). Many of the new reels made don't have have the drag those oold Penns have. Many folks try to make the HT100 drags work on their reels.
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