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Red Tuna Shirt Club is proud to announce our December shirt: Tony's Tuna Fishing from Prince Edward Island, Canada!

Prince Edward Island has the best fishing in the world for GIANT bluefin tuna - and by that we mean fish over 1,000 lbs. Tony's Tuna Fishing is the top charter operation on the island, and they may just be the kings of giant tuna.

The glory days of tuna fishing have returned to PEI, and Tony's Tuna Fishing has been the leader in bringing the sport fishery back to the area. The average fish landed this season was 800 lbs, and Capt. Tony estimates that 25% of the fish swimming off PEI today are "granders" topping 1,000 lbs. The fishing is consistently excellent, and in 2011 the company's two boats only had one day each that did not result in a battle with a giant bluefin.

This authentic shirt has been shipped to all Red Tuna members - let us know what you think!

If you haven't joined yet, join today at and we will ship out your first shirt right away!

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