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Hi fellas!
I am an angler with moderate success, have some seasons on me and had some nice fish. But never paid attention to the tackle really, I use different types of rods/reels. Ugly stick, Shakespeare and Okuma, nothing fancy but very affordable.

BUT this 2017 season I would like to try some nice setup for surf fishing (casting lures, bucktails, exactly) I would like some rod in 9 ft and spinning reel to match the rod and handle 30 lbs line at least. I have heard about the difference a nice setup makes compared to those non well balanced or cheap setups.

again, affordable but no cheap low quality. Some decent rod and reel that makes some difference, is that exists.

Thank you in advance

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Welcome aboard!

Take a look at the Quantum Cabo PTs reels. The drag is amazing and overall quality is right up there. It's second only to my ZeeBaas in my spinning reel arsenal.

If you can afford a Lamiglas, they're top notch in my opinion. St. Croix Mojo rods are also very nice.
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