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The public is invited to attend the Northeast Regional Bycatch Workshop organized by the National Marine Fisheries Service Northeast Regional Office (NERO) and co-sponsored by NERO and NOAA, NEFMC, Mid-Atlantic FMC and ASMFC. Representatives from the above agencies will collaborate and work together with fishery constituents to specifically address bycatch issues in the Northeast region. The workshop will be held in Walkefield, MA, at the Sheraton Colonial Conference Center, June 29-July 1.

The workshop entitled ?Bycatch in Northeast Fisheries: Moving Forward? will provide an opportunity for northeast constituents with an interest in issues related to bycatch of fish and other marine life to examine specific issues related to bycatch and express their views on regional bycatch issues. Participants will discuss and recommend priorities and solutions regarding science/research, data/monitoring, management and gear engineering, which will be identified and incorporated in an updated version of the Northeast Region Bycatch Implementation Plan to be released later in 2004. For additional info about the workshop log onto email [email protected] or call (978) 281-9388.

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