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"Stripers Twenty Four Seven"

It?s February 2nd and I?m in water up to my hips
There?d been reports of stripers in the surf and the rips
It?s sixty two degrees with no wind or a cloud
I?m thinking and praying and hoping out loud

Nothing all season, but today may be the day
With a change of luck things start going my way
Surf fishing in February, how good does it get?
Only a cow that fills every square inch of my net

A man and a dog out for a walk
Stop by to exchange a little fish talk
He and I agree my chances are slim
But he understands my passion within

As the sun begins to set over the Delaware Bay
I pause and gave thanks for a beautiful day
Packing my gear and still not believing my luck
Wondering how to get this fifty pound cow back to my truck

As I struggle to drag my prize fish through the sand
I felt someone reach out and give me a hand
When I turned to say thanks I saw no one there
This helping hand was as thin as the air

I realized this day was a blessing for sure
The weather, the beach, the striper, the lure
Looking down at my fish then looking up toward the heaven
I pointed and shouted ?STRIPERS TWENTY FOUR SEVEN?!

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This was incredibly hard to judge. The 4th through 7th place finishes will receive Books from Manny Luftglas Fishing Hybrid Bass

3 Runners up are winners of Mr wiggly lures. The Mr. wiggly design and development spans two generations of Stetzko family Striped Bass fishermen. The younger Stetzko, Tony a professional guide , has to his credit a 73 pound striped bass caught off the beach in the surf as well as many 40 to 60 pound fish. It ghas a roll and a wiggle and will fish from the surface to about 4 feet deep.

Once Upon The Water

Quiet through the sand along the cut
The soft crunch of my steps, increasing stride
The stars are close tonight, but
No moon, last outgoing hours of tide
and the voice of moving water, near
By, for I have quieted the world of work
and people in my mind, and so begin to hear,
the distant water noises in the dark.
Stripers247 a.m. trailing blue light, crashing bait.
I stand in 3 feet of flat calm ocean
Fish breaking at my feet, like trout if you wait.
The fishing voices within begin
First whispering to myself, Stripers everywhere,
Calming, for my first lineside fly cast ever!
Now screaming skyward at my luck, YES YES,I dare
Let fly new bought Lefty?s Deceiver.
The crash is mine and I am stripped.
From books to reality and back, battle on
Leaders part, hooks straighten, fast learning, fish lipped
Madly laughing, release, catch, release, catch, done
Water slapping shore where dinner ?keeper? has lain
The world is breathing, and I too breath again

Mornin' boss, I got terrible news
I'm callin in, I got the fishing blues
I've had perfect attendance what else can I say
Hey! It's the middle of May, I'm takin a day

Been workin all winter, nuthin better to do
stressin out to meet deadlines just for you.
And remember those late nights without overtime pay?
Like I mentioned before, I'm taking a day

I'm always considerate hate to call in short notice
you gotta do what you gotta do, I think you know this.
It's Spring now, water temps are on the rise
I did this last year, it shouldn't be a surprise.

I'm sure your upset but don't talk please listen
I'm telling you now, I'm on a mission
For this is the year I'm gonna catch the big one
this is the year I'm gonna have my fun

Been waiting six months for this time to arrive
six months without fishing? how did I survive
I planned this day for when fishing is prime
But the season is long and I got lots of sick time

I've loaded the boat, my rigs ready for towin
I'm playin the tides, sorry boss gotta get goin
Remember! We live, we die and hope to go to heaven
But until our day we've got Stripers247

Lifes too short, gotta do what you feel
Like think up poems to win a reel.

Navy Snipe

Now for a poem that?s destined to stink
I?m might even be a waste of my ink
But speaking of stink, stank & stunk
You should have been there when I opened the trunk

The bunker had been there almost a week
I forgot to remove them after my last lucky streak
It was early one morning when I tossed them in
Their decomposition was soon to begin

They sat in the sun parked out in the street
Where they rotted away in the hot summer?s heat
Their bodies and guts all turned into mush
And produces a smell that would make you turn flush

They flies that were buzzin? should have been my 1st clue
But I?d caught a bad case of the flu
So when I was better I just had to go fishin?
And smell those sweet ocean breezes I?d been missin?

So I gather my stuff to throw in the back of the car
And on my way out I caught a whiff from afar
Something was rotten in Demark no doubt
As I got closer I thought I?d pass out

Well I managed to make it all the way to the curb
My eyes were watering and my guts started to disturb
Then I stuck in my key and the lid it flew up with a thump
And I?ll have you know in my throat was a big lump

I heaved and I wretched until there wasn?t no more
Then I wretched and I heave and passed out for shor?
Once I awoke I ran for the hose to wash out the trunk
And get rid of that smell that was worse than a skunk

The moral of the story is quite simple you see
Don?t be in hurry when you?re done working at three
Cuze you drove like crazy to be fishing at half past eleven
And you?d paid the a big price for chasin stripers247

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All entrants please send me a mailing address so i have it on file

winning entries
2 through 4 will get a plug and 6 through 10 will receive Manny Luftglas'
"Gone Fishin for hybrid stripers and the rest will receive stripers247 stickers.
Thank You
[email protected]
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