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I have never used either the Umbrella rig or a planer board. My fishing is currently going to take place in and around Cordell Hull an impoundment on the Cumberland River here in middle Tn. I have dragged some lures around without much success just to get a feel for the boat and trolling speeds and what minimum speed I can accomplish. It looks like I can slow it down to 1.5 - 2 mph. Ive been reading about various methods for stripper and it sounds like the umbrella rigs is definitely worth learning the finer point of.

I understand the principals of the Planer board but is it something that I would use along with an umbrella rig? Can someone point me to an illustration on how this would be properly rigged. Are planer boards attached to the standing line off the rod and is that same line continued to the umbrella rig? Does the question make any sense?

Could someone detail a properly set-up rig from the line, leader through the planer board rigging to the umbrella rig. What about weight?

My thoughts are to use soft baits as attractors maybe 6 and a single trailer/hook. I think I have a clear understanding about the umbrella rig but how does the planer board rig and is weight used? The water I fish runs 40' to 60' in the channel.

I have another thread but I may have put it in the wrong place so Ive sort of duplicated my question. sorry.
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