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Fairly soon. The record pages will be reworked.

Heres a picture of the Pennsylvania State Saltwater Record
53 pound 13 ounce Striped Bass
Not seen on the net before nor on the Pa fish and game web site.
Except here.

The picture belongs to the record holder Captain Donald Clark with his 4/11/1989 catch .


For license purposes.
Pennsylvania's Delaware river is considered to have no salt water including the tidal stretch that is not saltwater.
The entire length of the Delaware on the Pa. side a license is needed.
It has a 10 foot tidal range and has no appreciable brackish water species there either.

New Jersey is different regarding the regulations. Below the Commodore Barry Bridge and downstream
you dont need a fishing license. The Commodore Barry is probably 60 miles south of the Calhoun Street
bridge. Salem Cumberland and Cape May counties a license is not needed.
New jersey freshwater fisheries. 609 292 8642

The line of tidal demarcation in Both New Jersey and Pennsylvania is the Calhoon St. Bridge.
It is considered the tidal barrier.
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