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Jeff, that's quite a find.

Almost like the time when I found a computer out in the woods. Cleaned
and dried it out... Ran great for about 2 yrs... Enough of that.

I'm no expert but I can say that the senator models are the cheaper mans
international. I've never seen an international so I can only testify that
they cost a lot more. Either model will last forever. BTW, I didn't say the
senators were cheap!

Ebay will give you a price on what people will pay for the reel. They are
pretty easy to take apart and clean yourself.

I've got 4/0, (2) 9/0 senators... I've had the pleasure of using the 4/0
a few times and it is a great trolling setup. There is no level wind
function on the senator models so you have to use your thumb to
even out the line on the spool. Not a big deal once you get used to it.
If someone else picks it up they may have a problem...

I'd get some lube and take it apart and clean it. You'll be ready when
the season starts!

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