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Got to love those wonderful people down at Penn Reels on Hunting Park in Philadelphia. As is my usual, every February at least 3-4 reels go into Penn for service and repairs as they get beat on pretty good over the corse of 800-1000 hours of fishing the river and salt each year.
This past fall I found a conquer lodged in a jetty I was fishing during a storm. I took it apart completely washed and degreased everything. Took all the parts to pen to put together and put new parts as they saw fit. Well they called me after 4 days and to tell me they were ready (record time for me it's usually 2 weeks up to 3 weeks same time every year) they say they fixed and serviced my liveliner and told me they were giving me a brand new conquer and also instead of fixing the battle I took in they are giving me a brand new battle ( The bass beat on it pretty good attacking and running with my poppers in the fall.)
Needless to say I was good and pleased especially when service fees for each reel are usually $32 a reel and they only charged me $27 for each brand new reel. One of which I found and another that was only 2 years old.
They always take care of me with new handles and other extras for free every year but this year they kinda went well above and beyond.
So cheers to the guys at Penn Reels. THE BEST REPAIR GUYS IN THE INDUSTRY!

Catch'em up. And use a Penn to do it! Really why would you use anything else?

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I work down the road from the Penn factory, been meaning to get over there for some parts - I do the repairs myself since Penns are very easy to service, I will send my Stella SW in since they have many more parts.
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