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I have a Penn 750 ss, original type made in USA, I remember around 2005 or something they started making some in china and the gears were actually just GLUED together and despite drag settings etc it could just come apart at the worst time.

Anyway, when the reel is set to normal mode to not allow backwards reeling (the small lever on the bottom of the reel which basically no one uses), if I quickly jolt back on the handle, it sometimes skips back instead of locking into gear as it should. I took it apart but seems ok. I'm not super familiar with reels though since I haven't fished in forever but used to fish religiously the NJ coast.

you can see the largest gear in this kit ^, the smaller end of that gear has two different size teeth, I thought mine mighta been stripped causing this problem but obviously it's not that part.
Any ideas?
thank you
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