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Open Discussion on Pelagic Outfitters Customer Service Policy
We would like to make some things perfectly clear so that some possible mis-understandings can be avoided. We here at Pelagic Outfitters are a customer service based shop. We are here to assist you with the correct item for the application it is being acquired for. We do our best to work with the manufacturers to purchase close-outs as well as hard to get new released products. We do on site Reel Maintenance & Spectra Spooling which we are pleased to offer special pricing on.
Here's the reason for this post.....
It has come to our attention, from a few of the mfg's that we purchase from, that members of some forums we participate on have been sending us PM's requesting forum member pricing and then forwarding those quotes to the mfg's in order to "report us for MAP pricing violations". This is obviously being done by a few small minded retailers who have nothing better to do with their time then to create problems not only for us, but for you as well. It's easy to recognize some of these retailers as they are the ones that will post in other retailers threads rather than having enough respect to know better.
We are happy to do all we can for you, however, moving forward, if you would please give us a call @ 631-225-8862 to discuss products and pricing that would be great.
Perhaps if pricing requests are no longer answered thru PM's these small minded dealers with nothing better to do might use that new found time to improve their businesses rather that try to tear down ours.
We appreciate all the positive posts left for us, however, if you could post about our great service & quality products rather than the "great deal" you received it would ease the stress from the manufacturers. We look forward to working with you & servicing you for many years to come.
Please remember to sign up for our newsletter to keep up with specials and promotions
Thanks for all the support we receive.
BTW, if you need any assistance with Sports Optics or Camera Gear please visit Camera Land and tell them Pelagic Outfitters sent you. They'll hook you up.
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