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NIce gunner. We need to hook up atleast once this year, for old time sakes. Out of work at 3 all this week. just curious were u scapping herring down there yet.
Yup. Scapping you-know-where. They were SLOW to get at first, but once the sun finally cleared the trees and hit the water for a while, their numbers increased. I only needed a dozen and stopped after that, but still threw the rubber stoolie around just to check on the numbers of fish and they were definately cooperating. As a sidepoint, my dad and I went out in my boat on Friday ( Holy WAVES, Batman!!) and from Dutchman's Landing up the just north of the RVW Bridge, we marked three LARGE schools of herring! My fishfinder shows fish as symbols, and we were counting over fifty each time which means there were literally HUNDREDS of herring in those schools! Low numbers my ass!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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