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North Carolina Marine regulations
North Carolina Fishing Regulations
Striped Bass Information
Albermarle Sound Management area
(View PDF of area)

A. Albemarle Sound and all its inland and joint water tributaries, except for the Roanoke, Eastmost, Middle and Cashie rivers. B. Currituck Sound and all its inland water tributaries.
Roanoke and Croatan sounds and all their inland and joint water tributaries, including Oregon Inlet, north of a line from Roanoke Marshes Point 35° 48' 12" N - 75° 43' 06" W, running 122°(M) across to the north point of Eagle Nest Bay 35° 44' 12" N - 75° 31' 09" W.

The Roanoke River and tributaries, downstream from U.S. Highway 258 bridge near Scotland Neck to Albemarle Sound, including Cashie, Middle, and Eastmost rivers.

Upper Roanoke River
The Roanoke River and tributaries from U.S. Highway 258 bridge near Scotland Neck upstream to Roanoke Rapids Lake Dam

N. Carolina ** Wildlife Resources Commission
Archdale Building 512 North Salisbury Street
Raleigh, NC 27604-1188
(919) 733-3391
North Carolina Wildlife Association

Salt water license issue finally passes
The "salt water fishing license" was approved by a conference committee of members of the House and Senate last week.
It has some interesting provisions -- one of which is sure to spur a rush for lifetime sportsmen's licenses in the final months of this year.
To answer a frequent question posed by lifetime license holders: They will be "grandfathered in" under the new license requirement for fishing in salt water.
More specifically, anyone holding a lifetime sportsman's license or lifetime comprehensive fishing license by the end of this calendar year will be exempt from having to buy the new "salt water" license.
A lifetime sportsman's license costs $500. Under the new law, an adult wanting a lifetime license to hunt and fish anywhere in the state -- including coastal waters -- would need a Lifetime Unified Sportsman/Coastal Recreational Fishing License, which will cost $650.
The annual coastal recreational fishing licenses, which becomes effective in 2007, will be $15 for residents and $30 for nonresidents. This allows for fishing in coastal waters and joint waters -- but not in inland waters.
The unified inland/coastal license will be $35. This allows for fishing in all state waters.
Then there will be the resident unified sportsman/coastal fishing licenses for $55 which allows one to hunt and fish across the state, and includes hunting for waterfowl.
State residents may buy a 10-day permit to fish in joint and coastal waters for $5. The same permit for nonresidents is $10.
Blanket licenses will be available for pier and party boat operators.
Pier operators will pay $4 per foot, which will allow customers to fish there without licenses.
Party boats licensed to carry six or fewer clients will pay $250 and those licensed to carry more than six passengers will pay $350.
Where the money will go
In addition to operational costs, funds generated by the licenses sales will go "to manage, protect, restore, develop, cultivate, conserve and enhance the marine resources of the State."
The Division of Marine Fisheries and the Wildlife Resources Commission will be able to submit proposals for expenditures to the executive director of Marine Fisheries.
All proposals subsequently must be approved by both the Wildlife Commission and the Marine Fisheries Commission.
WRC funds tapped
To implement the new "salt water' fishing law, the Wildlife Resources Commission will be required to provide up to $1 million from its operating funds. The Marine Fisheries Commission will be required to replace this amount in July, 2010.
Meanwhile, the Wildlife Commission must transfer $3.4 million in annual installments of $680,000 from its Endowment Fund to the Marine Resources Endowment Fund.
The lawmakers said this will compensate for the fact that holders of lifetime licenses will be allowed to fish coastal waters but will not be required to buy the new licenses.
Lifetime license fees built the Wildlife Endowment Fund.

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And.....thankfully, those of us with Lifetime Sportsman Licenses here (in NC) prior to 01/01/2006 are "grandfathered" by our licenses and won't have to pay the fee.

The good news? The fee is only going to be $10 and we'd have all gladly paid it anyway. thumbsup.gif

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Re: North Carolina / Salt water license issue finally passes

N.C. Saltwater Fishing License Will Be Required Jan. 1
Press Release

Attention Lifetime License Holders

Anyone who purchased a Wildlife Resources Commission lifetime license that includes basic inland fishing privileges before Jan. 1, 2006 will be grandfathered by this law change and will not be required to purchase a separate license in order to participate in coastal recreational fishing. These lifetime licenses include any infant, youth, adult, over 70, and disabled sportsman's license; the comprehensive fishing, over 70 fishing only, disabled veteran's and totally disabled licenses.
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