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New England ? Final Rule in Place to Address Groundfish Bycatch in the Herring Fishery
NOAA Fisheries has published a new final rule to address the bycatch of New England groundfish by vessels fishing for Atlantic herring. Vessels with a Category 1 Atlantic herring fishing permit may possess incidentally caught haddock until they reach a specified cap. After the cap is reached, all herring vessels are limited to 2,000 lb of herring per trip if any of the herring was caught within a defined area. Herring Category 1 vessels may also possess up to 100 pounds of other regulated groundfish (i.e., cod, witch flounder, plaice, yellowtail flounder, pollock, winter flounder, windowpane flounder, redfish, and white hake), and must provide advance notification of their intent to land for purposes of enforcement. Atlantic herring processors and dealers that sort herring catches as part of their operations are required to cull and report all haddock.

For more information, read the letter to permit holders or contact [email protected]
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