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I enjoyed a fishing trip 05/02/18, with David Heath, on the Chesapeake Bay. We met at 6:45am and headed south on Rt. 97 toward West River where Dave keeps his boat, a nice 24' Sailfish boat.

We started cruising on the Bay at 8:15am toward the first structure. A small striper was caught there so we moved on to an underwater mount which crested at 15'. Fishing was slow, but the fish caught there were worth waiting for.

David with a 32" Striped Bass​

The following was the light tackle equipment used during this trip.

Most Productive Lure: Z-Man, 5" Sented Jerk Shadz in Pearl attached to a 1 oz. BKD jighead.

Most Productive Technique:

Short Jigging: With the lure in the strike zone, swiftly move the rod tip from 9am to 9:30am and follow the lure back down with a tight line. The fish will take the lure on the drop. And normally the larger fish will be located near the bottom.

Fishing Tip:
Protect your life to make sure you return home safely. Please were a PFD, of you choice, while on the water.

Note: Thanks David Heath for putting us on some quality striped bass.
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