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08-27-14 Portsmouth, NH
It was the biggest turnout since 1995 to discuss the new striped bass options.

NH striped bass fisherman voted to recommend the one year 25% option for catch reduction in the striped bass recreational fishery to start in 2015. We do not and F&G said we will not have a commercial fishery even though the Feds do give NH a quota of 5,750 pounds.

The option most popular was a 1 fish limit with 32" minimum length.

We also voted not to recommend that states share harvests meaning if one state exceeds its quota it cannot ask another state who didn't reach the quota to shift its share of the catch as not to penalize the offender state. The offender states would have their quota cut the next year.

One comment repeatedly rang clear. When the limit was one fish 36" the Piscataqua River and the Great Bay teamed with striped bass.

There was not one vote in the room to remain at "Status Quo". The few charter boat captains there still wanted the two fish limit but they all voted for the catch reduction.

The Draft Addendum is available on the Commission website ( under Public Input.
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