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Hi Mike.

All these questions have been asked and answered probably a couple of dozen times.
the search feature is your friend.

1. braid is fine maybe 20 pound fireline or 30 pound sufix or equivalent. - 30- 40 or 50 flouro or mono leader.
depends on preference and water clarity - structure or lack thereof.

2. your on target

3. Liberty state park - a fishfinder rig with bait. Probably best bet is bloodworms / sand worms / cut herring. Early spring. Then clams and bunker.
Lures a multitude of lures will work. This will take practice then experience.
Dont get locked in to just bait-fishing.

4. Bridge fishing is for the experienced. A specially rigged basket is used here. My opinion is that this method sucks as far as fish conservation goes. This puts way too much stress on the fish. The release?

5. Your definately on the right track. A good step was signing on as a member here. :einstein: Read the stickies in the forums. Use the search feature. Your questions have likely been asked and answered and are now archived for reference. Then try to ask a more specific question and someone with experience in that type of fishing likely will assist.

No saltwater license needed in NY NJ untill 2010 at the earliest.
The states have been granted another year by the NOAA to figure it out

Happy hunting :10464:
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