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Thanks, Rainman :icon_smile:

I was out using it yesterday, with two cocktail blues, as bait. Not a single bite. Reeled it in, they looked as fresh as when I caught them. Went to cast it back out, got distracted, forgot to flip the bail, and busted the float.

So, I threw it back out without the float, and the blues got shredded by crabs. There's definitely sea life, just not what I'm looking for laughing7.gif. But I don't feel too bad - with all the fishermen on the beach yesterday, the biggest catch was a 6" spotted croaker.

But I have to say, adding the cocktail blues, really changes the dynamic of the cast. I was lucky to hit 30' yesterday - and that was on a good cast. Worms and snappers, seem to travel much better.

Gonna try and get out to fish riday night. Maybe try that rig of yours.
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