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I've been a fisherman for just over 20 years but I've always been a bait fisherman. I've relocated recently and still in my home state of Connecticut but am living right near the Housatonic River, which I have been fishing lately with lures.

So far all I've been able to catch on lures where little schoolies last fall using a 1/2 oz triple jointed herring lure that just sits under the top of the water.

This season I went out and bought a Penn Battle series 7' tall solid rod and reel combo that's sensitive over my other pole which is a hard action. I've been fishing the upper portion of the Housatonic using SP minnows, Savages, soft rubbers (shad, eels, bunker) etc and have not had a single hit at all this season. I've been following incoming and outgoing tides, moon phases, etc.

I've seen other fishermen pull out stripers 30"+ and they are using the same lures and rubbers as I am. I change things up after 2 dozen casts or so if I'm not getting any action, but I don't seem to be enticing any fish to try to go for my lures.

Am I doing something wrong? or is it just crummy luck? In the summer I can catch stripers when I bait fish on the beach shores along with blues and what gives? lol

Any advice would be appreciated
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