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Hello Everyone Im bluefishlover. I have been hanging around for a while and I now have the free time to introduce myself.

I really love to fish and the striped bass have a strangle hold on my fishing mind. but my only problem is I have lived on Long Island, New york and have never caught a single solitary striper :sign4:. so I came on here one of the best striper forums out there so I can attain the knowledge to get my first striper.

so my first question is how do I fish the vision sandeels I have purchased recently? The lure is 6 inches has a blue back and is weighted. what rig should I use and what conditions and time of year is optimal? I have heard using eels for strupers is the ticket to getting them so How should I fish eel any thing for stripers and what time of year?

happy to be here sorry for the long post and good fishing.

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