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Hi, I would really appreciate some help.

I live in Indiana, recently retired and am an avid fisherman, mostly bass, and panfish. I fish in nearby Monroe Lake which has a nice population of wipers. While I've occasionally caught a wiper, I've never really fished for them and would like to start, but am confused.

I bought some tackle but have received conflicting info about the size and type of line that I should spool. I purchased UglySick 8' trolling rods and Basspro Strata reels with linecounters. I will be trolling with planers and downriggers. Should I use mono or braid and what size should the line be?

I subscribed to Precision Trolling, but all of their info about trolling depths is gauged to 10# Berkley XT or 10# Berkley Fireline. So if I change line size how do I adjust the depth?

Also, I've never used a forum and don't quite know how to use one. If this info is already on here, could you please direct me to the site location.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
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