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LittleCasino said:
welcome.gif Aboard :cheers: Arlington & jersycat9!

Arlington, you can chunk a rock in the Cumberland river from your house?
Yes sir,,I live right beside it..When I hook-up my boat I can be in the water in a few minutes but I usally travel about 20 miles to the dam to put in..I've really been getting into the stripes latly using cut bait running the bottom in deep water.

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Nice to see another person here from Tennessee. Do you ever do any trout fishing up on the cumberland for those big browns??? I have read alot of articles on the trout fishing up there, but i cannot recall ever hearing anything about stripers. Do you guys have striperin the river year round or do they just run up in the summer months??? If you ever get down around the Hiwassee River shoot me a line and lets go fish.
Tight Lines,
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