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For many things, products line up into four categories:
1) Economy - May or may not do at least some of the things it's supposed to do, but at the end of they day it's cheap, so you get what you pay for

2) Mid-range regret - Does most of the things it's supposed to do, but may be missing that one feature you didn't realize was important, and you're mad at yourself for not spending 10% more. But, you've already spent a good amount, so you're pretty much stuck.

3) Sweet spot - Does everything it's supposed to. Has all the features you really need. May not do everything, but you're pretty happy with what you purchased.

4) Professional - Often absurdly expensive. Has all the bells and whistles that someone would need if they are using it every day, but for the recreational angler it's probably even too confusing to use.

I've got a new to me ~22 foot boat without electroncis that I plan to use for fishing relatively close to shore ( < 10 miles), although may occasionally go out a little further than that. I'm looking to get a GPS chartplotter and fishfinder (maybe a combo unit or separate units - need to investigate the economics). I want to spend enough that I'm not disappointed, but need to stay clear of the absurdly expensive professional models.

Any suggestions? Anyone know of a good review article? I'm looking for a "consumer reports best buy" type overview?

Do the side imaging models actually work well in the ocean? Is it actually useful?
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