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Hello all,

I am from Milford, CT and am coming to Nantucket tomorrow (sept 9) and will be staying through Sunday.

I am looking for some hot local action, I have all my own gear and waders but no car on the island. I solemnly swear not to spot burn, or reveal in any way any spots someone would be nice enough to show me. I am just looking for a couple or sunrise/sunset trips with a local who knows his stuff who might like to show a guy around.

I can catch blues all day long here in CT so I really am after either some false albacore, bonito, or most preferably striper action.

I am willing to get up at 3am to go get it too.

Please help a guy out! email me at [email protected] with your cell or email and I will contact you when I hit the island. we will be arriving by ferry tomorrow around 1pm.

thanks and tight lines!
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