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well the Patriots have aquired a new reciever and i think we all know who it is.Randy Moss i think this will be a great addition to the team he and Tom Brady took pay cuts to make this happen im going to use my phycic powers and say the Pats will be in the Superbowl this season.Not to mention Dante Stallworth and Wes welker. go pats. as for my favorite players team the Packers all i can say is poor Favre hope he doesn't retire this season go Ironman..

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I'm on the fence, I'm afraid of his antics, but it's a great deal for the Pats, If he (Moss) screws this up, it's probably the end of his career, seeing he opted out of the bad boys club and now has joined the rehab club.

IF, and thats a big if,he behaves himself and is a team player, the results could be outstanding....

The Pats were one minute and a team full of exausted, flu ridden players from going to the super bowl.....They will be a tough draw for any team in the NFL if they stay healthy... I see the Colts and Pats dukeing it out one more time for the right to go to the big dance, which ever team is healthiest will go on to and IMHO win the show.

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The %$# Pats just had the best draft I've ever seen.


I see Stallworth sidelined with a hamstring injury
Of course that's not much of a reach as he has hammy issues every year.

Ben Watson is going to have a monster year

Welker will emerge as Brady's favorite target

Moss will do or say something stupid, not not as bad as he's done in the past. Overall he'll be great - but not the unstoppable Randy Moss you remember from past years, getting older sucks

The only teams that will beat the Pats are the teams that can heavily pressure Brady and have linebackers that can shut down Faulk and Watson on releases. All it will take is two injuries to the O-line and Brady will be vulnerable. The O-lines depth looks like it might be slightly suspect.

Jet's and Pats will split this season but Pats will win the division then the Jets, then Buffalo with Miami bringing up the rear.

Too early to talk Superbowl. In this age of free agency you realistically can't make that kind of prediction until week 4 at least. However, if forced I have to say the Pats are near the very top of the list - I still put the Chargers at #1 though - The Colts have dropped a few notches down this offseason.
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